The Hotel

The History

The hotel Due Fiumi is a renovated old farmhouse with the intention of giving new life to what had become only a testimony to the decline of a society based on the work of the fields that characterized the area for centuries.

The structure wisely faces South or East and is built in front of a courtyard to ensure the best possible exposure to light and heat throughout the day.

The most striking features of the house are the ‘fogher‘, the heart of life during the long winter season, and the ‘portego‘, the open room in front of the farmyard where the family would gather to husk corn, beat hemp and do other types of work.

The hotel Due Fiumi is now an expression of our way of looking at the past, combining history with modern elements and contemporary comforts, making it an oasis of relaxation where you can spend a few days resting in the midst of nature.

The Structure

The reception is located near the heart of the house, the typical Friulian fireplace with its exposed beam and seats characterized by a bench on three sides, a reminder of when people used to gather in front of the fire for a hot drink and a chat.

On the upper floor, you will find a cozy meeting place with sofas, a coffee table and seats for relaxing in front of the TV or reading.

The bamboo beds, chattering in the wind, banana trees, persimmon trees and palm trees reminiscent of the autarkic period are particularly interesting. Various routes are available: historical, auditory, a naturalistic “via verde” to observe plants and herbs, and more, also suggesting physical activity up to a hornbeam labyrinth.

Check Availabity

1 Room , 1 Adult , 0 Children